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I am writing to express Chubb Irelands satisfaction with the cost reduction project recently completed by Business Cost Management. Over the last two years we have achieved significant savings without compromising quality.

I would be happy to recommend BCM  to any potential customers.


Matt Knight

Chubb Ireland Group
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To ensure our clients get the best service from us, BCM only works with a select number of businesses each year. We are committing to your business for a period of time so it is essential that we are the right fit for each other. If you answer yes to most of the questions below, then you are probably an ideal BCM revenue growth client.

Or indeed, have you considered franchising your business?  This is another niche area of expertise within the BCM portfolio and provides a smart and cashflow friendly way to expand your business either nationally or internationally.   We cover this and other methodologies to help your business grow…

Does The Following Sound Like Your Business?


eTendering For State And Semi-State Bodies

If you are a state or semi-state body, and you wish to comply with government procurement guidelines, please contact BCM who are experts in this field having worked in this area for organisations like you for the last 20+ years.

The purpose of the regulations surrounding this area is as follows:

1. To ensure the state gets value for money on behalf of the taxpayer.

2. To ensure that a fair and transparent process is conducted with the supplier base such that the government agency is not open to litigation or claims of unfairness or corruption.

Full End to End eTendering Service

BCM provides a full end-to-end service including assistance with specification, design of scoring matrices, preparation of legal documents, tendering, answering of queries, examination and clarification of tender responses, preliminary scoring, supplier interviews, communication with successful/unsuccessful suppliers, etc.

Responding to a Tender?

Because BCM creates eTenders, we understand what a successful tender response should look like.   We help clients respond to eTenders where they do not have the expertise to do so themselves or they are intimidated by the complexity involved…

Have a business that is already up and running?

If you would like to grow your business in regions and territories that you are not already doing business in, why not franchise your business? This is a very fast, and cashflow friendly way, to grow your business either nationally or internationally.

To franchise your business, you need to satisfy the following criteria:
– Have a business that is not a start up but is already proven.
– Be prepared to spend some time, with BCM, to prepare your business to be franchised.

BCM will help you prepare your sales and marketing strategy, training & operations manual, legal agreements, support mechanisms, billing and financial systems, support mechanisms, etc.

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